Energie Burgenland AG's dividend increase for the 2011/12 business year has positive impact on result of Burgenland Holding AG for current business year
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At the beginning of July 2012, BEWAG and BEGAS, the two energy services companies, were merged to Energie Burgenland AG retroactively as of October 1st, 2011. Burgenland Holding AG holds 49% of the share capital of Energie Burgenland AG. Today, the Company was informed that Energie Burgenland AG will propose a dividend payment in the amount of EUR 17.0m to the Annual General Meeting, with EUR 8.33m accounting for Burgenland Holding AG (previous year: EUR 6.49m).

With revenue of EUR 303.3m (previous year: EUR 337.5m) Energie Burgenland Group recorded in the past financial year a pre-tax profit of EUR 24.1m (previous year: BEWAG and BEGAS cumulative: EUR 4.0m).

Publication date: 04.02.2013, 06:00pm (CET)