BEWAG's dividend reduction for the 2009/10 business year has negative impact on result of Burgenland Holding AG for current business year
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In today's meeting of the supervisory board, BEWAG's management board recommended to the company a dividend payout for the 2009/10 business year at half the level of the previous year (2008/09: EUR 11.0 m, 2009/10: EUR 5.5 m), and BEWAG's supervisory board followed that recommendation. For this reason, the investment income, and thus the profit for the first six months as well as for the year for 2010/11, of Burgenland Holding AG, which holds a 49% stake in BEWAG, will be markedly below last year's levels. Burgenland Holding AG's performance is determined essentially by the dividends it receives from BEWAG and BEGAS. The recommended dividend of the associated company BEGAS for 2009/10 will remain unchanged from last year.

Burgenland Holding AG recommends to AGM dividend of EUR 2.15 for 2009/10, unchanged from previous year

For the past 2009/10 business year, the management board of Burgenland Holding recommends to the AGM distributing to shareholders a dividend of EUR 2.15 per share, viz. unchanged from the previous year.

Publication date: 09.03.2011, 06:11pm (CET)