Burgenland Holding Aktiengesellschaft benefits from one-time increase of dividend of Energie Burgenland AG for the financial year 2015/16 of approx. 10 % over the prior year.
ISIN AT0000640552

Energie Burgenland AG has just announced that its corporate bodies have today decided to recommend to the shareholders’ meeting of the company scheduled for 21 March 2017 to pay a dividend out of net profits for the financial year 2015/16 of EUR 21 million in aggregate, which represents a one-time increase over the prior year of 10 %.

The results of Burgenland Holding Aktiengesellschaft are largely dependent on the results of Energie Burgenland AG in which it holds a 49 % interest. Burgenland Holding Aktiengesellschaft therefore expects to recognize a proportionate dividend payment of EUR 10.29 million (2015/16 EUR 9.31 million) for the 2016/17 financial year. For subsequent years, Burgenland Holding Aktiengesellschaft expects Energie Burgenland AG intends to recommend dividend payments (if any) at historic levels to its corporate bodies for approval.

Publication date: 19.12.2016, 01:56pm (CET)