Energie Burgenland AG, in which Burgenland Holding AG holds a 49% interest, has an open position vis-à-vis Commerzialbank Mattersburg on account of daily allowances in the mid-single-digit million euro range
ISIN AT0000640552

Burgenland Holding AG was informed today by Energie Burgenland AG that it invested a minor portion, measured against the total volume, of its daily allowances in Commerzialbank Mattersburg im Burgenland Aktiengesellschaft, whose business operations have been prohibited with immediate effect by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). Energie Burgenland AG assumes, subject to further developments, that a substantial portion of such funds will not be recoverable, which is why it expects, as a result thereof, a one-time negative effect on earnings in the - at most - mid-single-digit million euro range for its 2019/20 financial year ending 30 September 2020.

The financial results of Burgenland Holding AG are largely dependent on the financial results of Energie Burgenland AG, in which it holds a 49% interest.

Publication date: 15.07.2020, 01:06pm (CET)